суббота, 7 августа 2010 г.

What free dating site can I select?

So, I decided to try free online dating to meet a beautiful man for love and romantic relations. First of all, I went to professional photographer and made some good photos. I asked photographer do not correct my photos much - maybe a little retouch - it's all. It's very important to have photos of good quality, because when you communicate with people on free dating site, they can not see you personally. Thereby photos, videos are unique way to see a person you communicate with. So, now I have 20 beautiful photos. And I added to them some pictures, which I made by myself at home. These home photos allow user to be convinced you look equally naturally as on the professional photos, as on the home photos too.

Last week I spent my time to surf the Internet in search of free dating sites. I made a list Top 30 free dating sites and now I'm testing them. Last week I visited all these free dating sites and I liked them. But because I hadn't my photos I couldn't register on these free dating sites. Now I have over 20 good photos and now I'm going to join to free dating sites.

I came on the first free dating site - but what a pity! It's not exist now, page in not available. What to do? i went through list and noticed: some free dating sites aren't available though last week they worked. The life of free dating sites is very short. In that way I deleted from my Top 30 some free dating sites, which aren't available.

Than I tried to register on the next free dating site, clicked button REGISTER and nothing! The registration page doesn't exist. Oh, my God! But the main page of this free dating site was so beautiful... I was forced to delete this free dating site from my list.

In my Top 30 remained 10 free dating sites. I came to the first free dating site from my list. What a relief - I clicked on the button REGISTER FOR FREE - and there was the registration page. I filled in a form, approved me registration from my e-mail. But the difficulties appeared when I tried to upload my photos. i tried again and again, but without any result. Photos didn't unload. I wrote to support - silence! Support doesn't respond to any my message. I was forced to leave this free dating site and delete it from my list Top 30. I must say immediately in my list there was some resembling free dating sites. Support didn't respond and I couldn't to upload my photos.

In my list remained 5 free dating sites. On these sites I could register without any problem. I uploaded some my photos (3-4). Other photos I'll upload later to update my profile.