вторник, 21 сентября 2010 г.

Thanks to free dating site I can become countess :)

In the evening I sit by computer and visit my favorite free dating site. Suddenly I see notification about message from one user. I came to his profile and I was very surprised. I see photos of man - all these pictures are black-and-white. And plots on these photos are vary strange, considering we live in 21st century. His name's Sandro. Surname De Aragon. In his profile are 4 photos: 1. Sandro is on the front of castle some where in Spain. 2. Sandro is riding on the horse. 3. Sandro is playing golf. 4. Sandro is in luxurious interior of castle.

I read his information: he is 55 years old - too old for me, but I was interested in his person. He is such unusual. Seeing his photos and reading his profile I feel Sandro as noble person.

Sandro noticed I watching his profile on this free dating site and he invited me to talk in chat. I accepted his invitation.

We began to talk in chat on free dating site. He asked me why I'm interested in free online dating. I said I'm borried and I want to find new friends, meet interesting people, maybe meet my love. I asked him the resembling question. He answered me in free online dating he searches love, woman of his dreams, future wife. Sandro told me he haven't met such beautiful girl like me yet on this free dating site. I asked Sandro about his unusual photos. He told me he is count by birth. These castle, horses, golf field are his. And he is owner of stable, winery and jeweller's network. I'm becoming surprised go on! We talked to 3 a.m.