четверг, 14 октября 2010 г.

Thanks to free dating site I can become countess. Part 2.

I'm in correspondence with Sandro for three weeks. We decided we must see each other personally. Sandro said he can not come to Russia, because he there will politic elections in one month. And he is preparing, because he is politician too. I asked the name of party. Sandro said the party's name is Aragon. He is the head of this party. I was shocked what famous and important man I met on this free dating site. I asked myself: "Why didn't I join to free online dating earlier?"

Sandro said he will send me invitation and he will call to embassy of Spain - he will help me obtain visa jumping the queue.

I was waiting Sandro's invitation and I was continuing to communicate with him on free dating site. I was up in the clouds. I dreamed I'm in Spain, Sandro marries me and I will become countess. What a fantastic can be destiny!

I told to all my friends about crucial meeting on free dating site. All my friends expressed their amazement and I convinced all of them to try free online dating too.

One evening I surfed the Internet and decided to read about Sandro's politic party. I came to google and typed "Politic party Aragon Spain". Google yielded me some site, among them was official site of this party. I read it and understood the head of party was another person - not Sandro, the vice - too and in whole ruling stuff on party Aragon there wasn't any Sandro De Aragon.

I was confused and called to Sandro. I exposed him. Sandro said he isn't politician, businessman, noble. He doesn't know any person in embassy of Spain. I was shocked. I said he is liar and canceled relations with him.

What caprices can present free online dating!