среда, 17 ноября 2010 г.

On free online dating sites you can find real love

I and my friend Natasha had fun, when wrote to some men on free dating site. But one everning I saw profile of one man from Poland. He is 32 years old, dark, handsome. He is a doctor (surgeon). I decided to don't talk Natasha about him. And I wrote to Zbyshek (his name) by myself. He answered me immediately. We began talk in chat.

Zbyshek told me he shocked by my beauty and he haven't met such nice girl yet. I was charmed by his manner of speaking. We communicated with him in chat during one week. After that we decided to move our relations from free dating site to real life.

Poland is near of Russia. We decided to go together in boarding house near Moscow. I met Zbyshek at the airport and we spent two days in Moscow. Zbyshek wanted to see some landmarks of Russian capital. He was very surprised that on the free dating site you can meet a person and develop with him/her serious romantic relations.

Each morning I received swell bunch of flowers. I like hyacinths. And Zbyshek gave me my favorite flowers every day. The boarding house was excellent. We spent 2 wonderful weeks here. I understood Zbyshek is nice lover, he knows what the woman wants. We did some ride and boat walks. I was happy! These two weeks passed like one day.

Zbyshek went to Poland and promised invite me in Poland and pass together nice time in one of Polish ski pavilions.

I returned to my house and I wanted to share my my impressions with my friends. I invited Alice - my good and close friend. Alice likes to surf free dating sites too. And she had some romantic relations with men from free dating sites. Alice came to me in the evening. I showed her my photos, which I and Zbyshek took together. Alice saw these photos and sharply changed countenance. "But he is my Fred! He loves me and we are going to marry next summer!" - she exclaimed. I was shocked. I called to Natasha and told her about my upset situation. Natasha asked me to send one photo, where Zbyshek is, to her. I sent. Natasha wrote me she knows this guy. He is former husband of her friend Lisa. He stole all her money and disappeared.

In that way I knew my Zbyshek is marriage swindler. And my dreams and expectancies that I met good, serious guy for happy familiar life were crashed...

вторник, 9 ноября 2010 г.

Free online dating is not only for love, but for finding new friends too!

After my disappointment about my relations with Sandro, I was very upset and I decided to entry in free dating site and surf the profiles. When I registered to this free dating site, I joined some groups, such as Friends, Holiday Travel, Flirting and Making love.

So, this evening i came to group Friends and I met there one girl. Her name is Natasha. She is 23 years old, from Kiev. She's a student of Medic University. Natasha told me she came to free dating site to meet her love and find new friends. I noticed we have similar interests and hobbies.

Natasha told me about her meetings and boyfriends. I told her about mine. And we understood we communicated with some same men. We analyzed their behavior and understood it's the same.

And Natasha and I decided to have fun - write to some men from her and from my profiles simultaneously. We wrote to one sexy man from Italy. In his profile he wrote he is 35 years old, businessman, handsome and strong. And there were 3 his photos. On these photos was very sexy and attractive man. He invited me to talk with him in chat. Simultaneously, Natasha came in chat and invited hem to talk with her!

We began to talk the three! Luigi said to Natasha he owns restaurant. To me he told he has a factory. To Natasha Luigi said he has two children. To me he told he hasn't any child. We communicated with Luigi in chat for 3 ours. And we found many disparities.

After that I and Natasha stayed on free dating site to discuss our conversation with Luigi. We laughed a lot.

In that way we had fun over month. Free dating sites are very useful and interesting. They help to understand human nature and study psychology of men.
Moreover on free dating sites you can find new friends. And visiting free dating sites I can not feel loneliness.